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  • adjective Not mainstream.


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non- +‎ mainstream


  • The protests were expected to boost nonmainstream parties at Sunday's vote.

    Vote Jars Spain's Ruling Socialists

  • But I can tell you with a degree of certainty today, in terms of alternative pain management or alternative medicines, the Army has left few stones unturned in terms of looking at everything from acupuncture to other forms of therapy that are, in some regards, nonmainstream.

    How The U.S. Military Handles Suicidal Soldiers

  • In the aftermath of September 11, conspiracy theories abound on the Internet and in the nonmainstream press.

    Capitol Letter: The 'Trust Us' Presidency

  • "The fact is that the history and tradition of the White House have been much more open and accepting" of nonmainstream journalists than other Washington institutions, such as the Congress, says Ari Fleischer, Mr. McClellan's predecessor to the Wall Street Journal.


  • Moreover, mature and liberal Western societies must be expected to accept the higab as much as they accept any other form of nonmainstream attire as part of the freedom of individual choice that forms the bedrock of our liberty.

    International Mail Call: The Politics Of Dress

  • Its deliberate spin to counter the deliberate spin the GOP has used to "frame" Pelosi as the "San Francisco liberal" and all the nonmainstream values that are associated with such a creature, It might be annoying to play the grandmother card but I think some counter to the GOP spin is necessary and I think this is effective.

    Must we keep calling Nancy Pelosi a grandmother?

  • "The police want to accredit as few reporters as possible, and they make it exceedingly hard for nonmainstream reporters to get press passes," he said.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The Shape Shoppe (Rodriguez says the name evolved from a friend's story about a suburban shave shop) hosted acts covering a major swath of the nonmainstream musical spectrum, from experimental jazz combos to the art-damaged freak ravers of Baltimore's Wham City scene.

    Chicago Reader

  • The program pointedly covers issues that career-cowed mainstream and even most nonmainstream broadcast media people flat-out can't or simply refuse to touch.


  • "They were the hippie kids, the nonmainstream kids," she said.

    Jackson Free Press - Breaking News


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