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  • adj. Not market-based; often specifically lacking the openness of a free market
  • n. That which is not a market.


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non- +‎ market


  • The Bush administration also reversed a two-decade-old policy in March 2007 that prevented U.S. companies from seeking protection against unfair government subsidies of goods produced in "nonmarket" -- usually Communist -- countries.

    U.S. Steps Up Complaints at the WTO

  • At issue in the case against China was whether it was appropriate to impose "countervailing duties" against countries still classified as nonmarket economies under U.S. trade law.

    Trade Panel Rejects Duties on Paper Imports From China

  • To be sure, this deceleration has probably been exaggerated by a sharp decline in the so-called nonmarket component of PCE prices, which tends not to be a reliable indicator of inflation trends.

    The Big Picture

  • Montana) has introduced a bill that would apply countervailing duties to "nonmarket" economies.

    Papering Over Protectionism

  • Jeff Shaw, head of trading at Timber Hill, a registered market maker, says for example that if nonmarket makers have a time-limit requirement for bids and offers and market makers don't, that would motivate more high-frequency traders to register.

    Keeping Traders in the Market Could Prove Challenging

  • Bureaucrats deemed China and Vietnam "nonmarket economies" to enforce antidumping rules, allowing American protectionists to seek higher antidumping duties.

    A WTO Win for China

  • But since all prices are distorted in a nonmarket economy, the WTO allows trade partners to determine what the fair price should be by referring to the costs in a market economy at a similar stage of development.

    A WTO Win for China

  • These are designed to punish government subsidies and can't be applied to a nonmarket economy because central planning makes internal costs almost meaningless.

    A WTO Win for China

  • At issue is whether China is designated a "market economy" or a "nonmarket economy" for purposes of applying antidumping laws against selling a good abroad at less than China's cost of production at home.

    China's European Trade Fumble

  • But in 2006, the U.S. Government Accountability Office examined the effect of this nonmarket methodology on U.S. antidumping duties against China, estimating that duties on Chinese goods were an average of 60 percentage points higher than duties on similar goods from "market" economies.

    China's European Trade Fumble


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