nonmetaphorical love



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  • adj. Not metaphorical.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ metaphorical


  • And by ending, I mean a real, unambiguous, nonmetaphorical ending.

    Jamie Ford - An interview with author

  • But try to think about that passage in nonmetaphorical terms; think about what those words would mean in a nonfictional, plotless workplace.

    Chuck Klosterman on Media and Culture

  • Part of what makes this book so entertaining is the laughable impossibility of its nonmetaphorical goal: The author seems to have written this book with the hope that everyone in America would read it, agree with all its points, and literally destroy their television sets with sledgehammers.

    Chuck Klosterman on Media and Culture

  • Unless you had retinitis pigmentation the source of nonmetaphorical tunnel vision, you could not avoid seeing what was happening in another apartment exactly like mine.

    Chuck Klosterman on Living and Society

  • Mely wrote: "As in nonmetaphorical racial stereotyping, whiteness is treated as the human default and differences from whiteness are treated as aberrations, flaws, signs of violence, inhumanity, lack of control, and threateningness."

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Instead, it exclusively ties its story to the most fundamental elements of the genre: vehicles, people, and the nonmetaphorical physicality of the earth itself.

    Eating the Dinosaur

  • (Joe) Wurzelbacher, of Toledo, Ohio, is the most famous nonmetaphorical plumber since George Meany (Google him, kids).

    Presidential debate no “game changer” for McCain

  • Thus began a brief love affair (and many nonmetaphorical affairs) between the dashing Poles and the awed Brits.

    Snap Judgement

  • Because there is no nonmetaphorical way of talking about what even a perception is, seeing — in the ambiguous, sense-conflating sense — after all better represents the state of knowledge regarding perception and cognition than a distinction between "perception" and "cognition" which can be made logically but cannot be grounded in any difference in content.

    Seeing Is Reading

  • Vajra expressions that indicate a meaning that is uncommon with lower tantras and sutra, and which do so by indicating this meaning clearly and directly with words that do not need to be explained as intending this as their other meaning, are nonmetaphorical (dgongs-min).

    The Six Alternatives and Four Modes for Explaining Vajra Expressions in Anuttarayoga Tantra


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