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  • adj. Not mobile; incapable of motion.
  • adj. Not mobile; remaining in one location.


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non- +‎ mobile


  • There are also opportunities in tablets and various nonmobile devices like set-top boxes.

    For Chip Investors: A Farewell to ARM

  • The house was actually a “manufactured home,” a nonmobile mobile that had been permanently attached to a set of footings and a concrete slab built into the steep hillside, an unusual set of construction circumstances that allowed for an actual basement, which Chris used as a studio for his metal artwork.

    Fatal Error

  • After many years of planting flags across the globe in a major expansion, Vodafone is looking to concentrate on its existing markets in Europe, India and sub-Saharan Africa by stepping up operating performance and expanding into nonmobile services such as fixed lines or television.

    With Deal, Vodafone Turns Back to Existing Assets

  • It didn ' t exist four years ago, yet today it ' s the biggest source of nonmobile Internet traffic in North America, says research firm Sandvine, representing 20% of download traffic during peak evening hours.

    Akamai Rides Silver Stream

  • The cost to fly MSL in 2009 will be less than the cost (in today's dollars) of flying a nonmobile Viking Lander laboratory to Mars, and MSL includes a whole new generation of instruments and mobility.

    MSL Cost Overruns: More Smoke and Mirrors from NASA - NASA Watch

  • Terminator Salvation for the iPhone mimics nonmobile games with its dual thumb controls Another innovator in multitouch games, Illusion Labs AB, is planning a new release for the fall.

    The Future of Touch

  • The game is designed for users to control characters with two thumbs, as they would in traditional nonmobile games.

    The Future of Touch

  • Feeling Your Way Haptic technology already has many nonmobile applications.

    The Future of Touch

  • Last year, AAC made a foray into the nonmobile industry, providing components for game consoles and computers.

    AAC Acoustic Quickly Shifts

  • “As for the ‘heavy,’ nonmobile implementation of a defense…” She chimed softly to herself for a few moments, then trailed off.



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