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  • adj. Not motile

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  • adj. (of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement


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  • For example, reproduction in the cryptomonads is asexual and primarily via longitudinal cell division with the cell dividing in either a free-swimming or nonmotile condition.


  • The fliD mutant strain was completely nonmotile, indicating that these abnormal flagella were functionally defective.

    Confirmation Bias and ID

  • The connecting neck is actually a modified, nonmotile cilium, so it is suspected that supplies reach the OS by IFT.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • Many species exhibit oogamy, a type of anosogamy in which a flagellated sperm fertilizes a nonmotile egg.

    Mutation, selection and complexity - The Panda's Thumb

  • That was the only evidence of nonmotile predation occurring in their immediate vicinity.

    Drowning World

  • By contrast, cells also contain a single, nonmotile cilium known as the primary cilium.

    Scientific American

  • In the first phase of dissemination, replicating microbes formed networks of nonmotile organisms that moved by adhering to the cells lining the tick midgut.


  • A symbiotic nonmotile insect about the size of the claw in your smallest digit. "

    The Man Who Used the Universe


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