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  • adj. not using a medical operation; not requiring surgery


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non- + operative


  • Operative vs. nonoperative treatment of medial epicondyle fractures

    Current orthopaedic research projects

  • Operative vs. nonoperative management of clavicle fractures

    Current orthopaedic research projects

  • In a recent review in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers noted that patients and doctors struggle with when to stop nonoperative treatment in favor of surgery, but that repairing a tear earlier rather than later may result in better patient outcomes, earlier return to work and lower costs.

    Stitching Up Shoulders

  • A Medtronic-sponsored study based on Medicare claims data recently found that patients who had kyphoplasty lived longer than those who had either vertebroplasty or nonoperative care; one possible explanation is that kyphoplasty restores lung function by making the back straighter.

    Making Back Surgery Obsolete

  • This can include preoperative, postoperative or nonoperative transsexuals, female and male cross-dressers, drag queens or kings, female or male impersonators, and intersex individuals.

    Unilateral Invasion

  • Surgical versus nonoperative treatment of herniated lumbar disk-a randomized trial

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • The traditional upper-class mythology concerning wealth is quaint and sometimes amusing, but completely nonoperative.

    My brief appearance on “His Side with Glenn Sacks”

  • There are a lot of cultural markers that people of a certain age are familiar with, that have become nonoperative.

    Left-wing racist misogynists (a mea culpa)

  • And yet in environments where two of these three factors are entirely nonoperative, we see rape.

    “Equity feminism” and rape

  • “I think nonoperative management is an option if you want to go that route.”

    King of the Cowboys


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