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  • adj. For which no payment is levied.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ paid


  • It started out nonpaid, but they paid me starting in November.

    How I Found My First Big Job

  • For its nonpaid results, GoTo licensed search engine technology from Inktomi.

    In the Plex

  • A more effective strategy for BP, he says, would be to hold daily press conferences and try to get its messages into the nonpaid or so-called natural search results.

    BP Turns To Google

  • ETA: OK, it has been going on for a while -- folks with nonpaid accounts have been seeing them for some time.

    seriously, this just happened

  • So LJ treated me like a nonpaid account, or somebody who didn't have an account, and they threw me an interstitial ad, which I had never seen because I have a permanent account.

    seriously, this just happened

  • I spend more than twice my average class-time nonpaid and without an office, emailing students, giving them feedback, designing fun classes, emailing librarians, guest lecturers, maintaining a community blog. . .

    BREAKING NEWS: Parsons fires one third of its Fine Arts Department

  • As a group, 95% of Super Bowl advertisers appeared on the first page of the nonpaid area of search pages, according to Reprise Media, which has ranked the digital aspects of Super Bowl TV campaigns for the last five years.

    How Super Bowl Ads Fared Online

  • While the Facebook ads aren't technically search ads, they are part of a broader effort to boost the company's profile in the nonpaid search results consumers get when seeking online information.

    Marketers Take Search Ads Beyond Search Engines

  • Scrushy was a member of Alabama's Certificate of Need board, a nonpaid group that oversaw hospital expansion.

    It Does Happen in America; The Political Trial of Don Siegelman

  • Mr. Neri volunteered to complete a nonpaid free-lance assignment to get his foot in the door.

    Ad Agencies Focus Attention


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