nonparticipatory love



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  • adj. Not participatory.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ participatory


  • They have a sheen of unreality to them, a separation between reader and character that is -- I think -- strictly taboo in YA, because all I can think while reading them is how unlikely it is for Nancy to keep finding herself in these situations and adults to be so helpless and nonparticipatory.

    It's a Mystery

  • In this past decade, she said, Japan's economy had "become a very nonparticipatory economy."

    If Paul Krugman Were Japanese

  • Formal and nonparticipatory assemblies that are primarily cerebral and passive may have fit a bygone culture.

    Navigating the Winds of Change

  • It starts by completely altering the way people consume home media that were only linear and nonparticipatory before now because there was no other way to engage them otherwise.

    Why Microsoft's Kinect Is Going To Make A Big Splash | paidContent

  • Students arriving to class on Peer Review Day without their three copies of their rough drafts (for group work) will be considered nonparticipatory and will receive a 0 for their peer review grade and be required to complete an in-class essay in order to not be marked absent for the day.

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  • Avatar seamlessly synthesizes live action, animation, performance capture, and CGI to create what is essentially a nonparticipatory computer game:

    Broward-Palm Beach New Times | Complete Issue

  • And there is this pallid process that basically seems to be untransparent, undemocratic, nonparticipatory, top down, that it seems to be imposing itself on what we are trying to achieve with 192 countries.

    Democracy Now!

  • Plus, it might get people remixing and doing their own versions and suchlike, and get us away from this damn nonparticipatory “just watch the “professionals” anti-culture we’ve degenerated into.

    ‘We’re all The Pirate Bay’

  • I can’t tell whether lurking is a devious violation of Web ethics or a return to luxurious nonparticipatory reading.

    Archive 2007-11-01


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