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  • n. A material that is not a plastic.


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non- +‎ plastic


  • I think number two is talking to other doctors, nonplastic surgeons, who they would recommend that you go see.

    CNN Transcript Dec 1, 2007

  • The nonplastic ingredients are feldspar and quartz, and for low-temperature engobes frit is sometimes added to lower the vitrification point.

    10. Decoration

  • Engobe is made up of a mixture of plastic and nonplastic ingredients.

    10. Decoration

  • A hard, nonplastic clay usually requires a pan grinder to break it down.

    4. Plastic clay forming

  • As usual, large tiles (such as roof tiles) should have a higher percentage of nonplastic materials like sand or grog added.

    5. Semidry foaming

  • - A casting body should contain approximately 50 % clay material and 50 % nonplastic materials.

    7. Slip casting

  • As a rule, a casting slip should contain 50 % clay and 50 % nonplastic materials (by dry weight). clay body strength

    7. Slip casting

  • To reliquefy granulated honey, place it in a nonplastic container in a pan of warm—not hot—water, until clarified.

    Make It Easy Make It Light

  • (NYSE: WMT) has committed to reducing plastic bag use in its stores nationwide by 25 percent per store by 2013; Albertsons gives customers 5 cents back on their purchases for every nonplastic bag used; in November,

    Jacksonville Business News - Local Jacksonville News | Jacksonville Business Journal

  • Vincent Cobb is founder of the online store Reusable Bags, which features nonplastic - or at least safer plastic - food-storage products. stories: News


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