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  • n. One who is not a politician.


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non- +‎ politician


  • Tsongas -- the truth-telling "nonpolitician" - was suddenly acting very much like one, turning nasty and personal toward Clinton with a series of misleading ads.

    Stepping It Up

  • The problem, however, with electing a real person - that is, a nonpolitician - is that they have real emotions and real frustrations. Site Feed

  • Mr. Trump quickly took credit for Mr. Obama's release of the birth record—which only proves that this supposed nonpolitician already knows how to spin with the best of them.

    Born in the U.S.A.

  • Still, Mr. Monti or another nonpolitician who might be called upon to form an interim government would have a tough time navigating the political machinations of Italy's Parliament.

    Italian Premier Fights to Hang On

  • There are even nonpolitician pols, such as Herman Cain.

    The 2012 Republican Battle Test

  • "I'm the only nonpolitician in the group," he told the Journal this week in a video interview.

    Cain's Post-Racial Promise

  • Dogged as a flip-flopper in 2008 for his repeated policy shifts to the right, Mr. Romney is running this time as the unflappable former businessman and nonpolitician.

    Romney, in Shift, to Court Tea Party

  • If there ever were a time when an underfunded nonpolitician such as me had a chance to win, even in the bluest district in the bluest of blue states, this could be it.

    My First Time: A political novice runs for office

  • Hutchison's opening pitch was constructed from the predictable stock introduction she uses almost everywhere she goes: her nonpartisan, nonpolitician schtick.

    Constantine, Hutchison sharpen contrast at Executive forum in Kent

  • With increased media coverage of the race, voters should become more aware that Susan Hutchison leans heavily to the right and that by hiding behind a "nonpartisan nonpolitician" label, she obscures her true values.

    LIVE from KCTS Studios: The first televised King County Executive debate


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