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  • adj. Not drinkable


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  • Rather than dumping treated wastewater into rivers or the ocean, it can be cleaned further for irrigation, industrial or other nonpotable uses, or to be returned to aquifers.

    High-Tech Cures for Water Shortages

  • In an email, the institute said the industry should consider nonpotable water "whenever practicable," but decisions must be made on a "case-by-case basis."

    Oil's Growing Thirst for Water

  • In October, the district broke ground on a $52 million water treatment plant that will deliver eight million gallons a day of recycled water for nonpotable uses when it comes on line in late 2012, says Beau Goldie, the district's chief executive.

    Amid Deluge, Districts Plan for Next Dry Spell

  • Mr. Goto assigns tasks including sorting the garbage, washing the bathrooms, sweeping the surrounding areas and cleaning a water tank for nonpotable water.

    Evacuees Set Rules to Create Sense of Normalcy

  • What they have in common is a goal of recycling everything from sink water to rain runoff, and reusing it for nonpotable purposes such as toilet flushing and lawn watering.

    Building Owners Want Water That Never Leaves

  • I nearly dumped her wine in the sink so I could fill the glass with tap water until I saw the nonpotable sign.

    The Viognier Vendetta

  • The standard, as I understand it, is to use PVC pipes only for nonpotable water.

    Waldo Jaquith - Fear that new _____ smell.

  • It turns out that the nonpotable water they were providing to soldiers in the camps that we had a hearing on was more contaminated than raw water from the Euphrates River.

    David Isenberg: Miles to Go Before the PMC Industry Rests

  • The Volstead Act had not carved out an exception for nonpotable alcohol so much as it had made the alcohol that people drank the exception.


  • Here, the goal should be to ensure that rainfall isn't wasted, that aquifers aren't exhausted which can lead to subsidence and to contamination of the remaining fresh water with nonpotable water, most commonly salt or sulfur-contaminated.

    Climate Change I: sources of evidence for change


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