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  • adj. Not predatory.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ predatory


  • Related to that, is dominance linked to predatory changeling groups only, or can a nonpredatory changeling be dominant.

    Q & A

  • This includes improving competition and transparent shopping opportunities, promoting a viable and nonpredatory subprime market, advancing new consumer decision-making tools, and increasing product innovation to serve a wide range of credit needs.

    Janis Bowdler: Congress Has a Responsibility to Establish Strong Consumer Financial Protection

  • How about this: the government can buy predatory loans at 60 cents on the dollar, and convert them to nonpredatory loans at a fixed interest rate.

    Happy Hour Roundup

  • And the consumers benefit, as long as they can make their nonpredatory payments.

    Happy Hour Roundup

  • I was in one of those nonpredatory moods that can settle on a fisherman late in the season.

    Off Season

  • And similarly, in modern society not only did everyone vie for fierce excellence in the eyes of his fellow man, but as part of the same process, everyone “instinctively” felt the indignity that attached to nonpredatory means of livelihood, such as work.

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • It is a good candidate for polyculture because of its nonpredatory and herbivorous nature.

    4 Coastal Mariculture

  • Kokanee are good for Vallecito Reservoir because they are nonpredatory - they eat plankton


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