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  • adj. Not promotional.


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non- +‎ promotional


  • The FDA permits drug companies to respond to unsolicited requests for information from doctors, including off-label data, if they provide truthful, nonpromotional material, says Rita Chappelle, an agency spokeswoman.

    Drug Firms' Medical Staffs Say What Salespeople Can't

  • On its Web site, the Commission says European patients have become more involved in their treatment and more demanding of information, and that drug makers should be allowed to supply information in a nonpromotional way.

    Europe Mulls Easing Drug Rules

  • The European Commission proposed legislation Wednesday that would let drug companies give consumers "objective and nonpromotional" information about their medicines in print and online.

    Europe Moves to Loosen Ban Against Drug Ads

  • That bit is just for your information as it is on topic and of interest to some, the meat of this post is above and nonpromotional while the resources linked do have a lot on this stuff so that many folks can learn to do it with an appropriate willing partner without taking a course.

    Life of Brian:

  • Neither Weiss nor Kramer is certain as to why the offer garnered a lower initial response than the nonpromotional message, though Kramer speculates "one thing may be that people are inundated with offers, whereas the other message was wrapped in mystique."

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  • For the follow-up emails, however, the offer pulled better: a 70.5% read rate vs. 68.1% for the nonpromotional email, and a 43.7% click-through rate vs. 36.2% for the nonpromotional message.

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  • Most important, the messages with the offer resulted in 26% more transactions and 36% more movies ordered than the nonpromotional offers, bringing in 14% more revenue.

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  • A key concern about these ideas is the intrinsic difficulty in distinguishing between advertising of prescription-only medicines to the public (which would still be banned) and proactive provision of nonpromotional information about such products.

    University Diaries


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