nonpsychological love



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  • adj. Not psychological.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ psychological


  • Chisholm recognizes that we sometimes use intentional sentences to describe nonpsychological facts.

    Roderick Chisholm

  • For instance, just as no collection of nonmoral premises will alone entail a moral conclusion, no collection of nonpsychological premises will alone entail a psychological conclusion, and no collection of nonbiological premises will alone entail a biological conclusion.

    Moral Realism

  • I add a few characteristic words of distinctly psychological temper from the great nonpsychological authors of modern times.

    Psychology and Social Sanity

  • "On the other hand, if you with like to learn something about my sexuality on an intellectual, nonjudgmental, nontraditional and nonpsychological way, I would love to share.

    CNN Transcript Aug 18, 2006

  • He keeps citing early European fiction ” Boccaccio and especially Cervantes ” for examples of nonpsychological novels.

    Brief Encounter

  • Although biological factors can affect academic performance, parents may become trapped in a futile search for a nonpsychological cause of underachievement to avoid considering that ineffective family interactional patterns may be contributing to the child’s difficulties.

    The Unmotivated Child


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