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  • n. Absence of reaction; failure to react.


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non- +‎ reaction


  • Their nonreaction is an instance of Situation Ethics.

    Fair Weather Humanitarians

  • In D'Agosta's experience, that kind of nonreaction was often the strongest reaction of all.

    Dance Of Death

  • This was the factory, planted in our midst, that was essentially blocking American and Western knowledge of the problem and molding its reaction, or nonreaction, to it.

    The Coming Revolution

  • He looked a little surprised by my reaction, or nonreaction, or whatever.

    At First Sight

  • So how do we explain the nation's nonreaction to the legalization of same-sex marriage?

    Dan Pashman: Explaining The Nation's Non-Reaction To Gay Marriage

  • The nonreaction of the stock market to word of a new bin Laden tape suggests this.

    Kerry 55, Bush 45: James Wolcott

  • BOB FRANKEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The president had the same public reaction to the Iraq prognosis that he's had for weeks, a nonreaction.

    CNN Transcript Sep 16, 2004

  • One of the reasons they think this, the main point of Rieff's article, is the reaction or nonreaction of ground troops to certain events, especially in those crucial days right after we arrived in Baghdad.

    Archive 2003-11-01

  • Stile was now well-enough accustomed to the ways of Phaze to know that this nonreaction represented a studied dis - courtesy to either an Adept or a Lady.

    Blue Adept

  • And maybe that is why readers tation or outright nonreaction to the more mourn - of The World According to Garp find themselves ful circumstances and their consequences in Irv - laughing at the novel's scenes of death, mutilation, ing's story.

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