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  • n. One who is not a realist.


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non- +‎ realist


  • This is part of the reason why, though I am in favor of the room to maneuver it offers, I am ultimately uncomfortable with the term nonrealist and find myself taken by the possibilities of the title of the anthology Omnidawn has just put out -- ParaSpheres -- which means, if I read it correctly, beyond the bounds, any bounds, not just those set by the current arbiters of mainstream cultural significance.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • I've used the term nonrealist several times, and it is in the description of this panel, but in the long run it seems to me that no favors get done by puffing up the division between realist and all the other varieties of fictional output, not to mention the concomitant privileging of a set of techniques that haven't been around all that long and don't perhaps exert quite as much influence as we often give them credit for.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • One would have thought that "nonrealist" would have given the game away even if the names didn't ring a bell.

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • Prior to that time, "postmodern" was mostly an adjective attached to "fiction," a formulation that could encompass both of the nonrealist strategies invoked by Robert Scholes as "fabulation" and "metafiction."


  • These qualities can be found in works that fit just about any definition of realist or nonrealist ....

    Realism in Fiction

  • I'm more convinced by the discussion of problems related to his bias against nonrealist fiction than of any innate issue with his use of angled modifiers.


  • The “realist/nonrealist” dichotomy may need a bit more nuance when it comes to writing programs, because there are some important practical differences that it obscures.

    What College Creative Writing Programs Are Sympathetic to Non-Realist Fiction?

  • Dora said a panel on fairy tales had been extremely popular, as was the panel on realist/nonrealist fiction.

    One Day of the AWP Bookfair

  • A large part of the trouble of course in determining just what exactly we are dealing with when we encounter interesting nonrealist fiction is that as with the ever-morphing Palafox, the non-traditional work we find ourselves confronted with when we lift off the labels stands a good chance of being unlike the last work, or last several works, we've read.

    Laird Hunt on "Nonrealist Fiction"

  • I would propose that there is just enough confusion/laziness in the conversation about what we mean when we talk about nonrealist writing to make useful the evocation of the importance of energetic reading that focuses on the text in question rather than, say, the reputation of its writer, or the magazine or press where it was published.

    Laird Hunt on "Nonrealist Fiction"


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