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  • adj. Not recursive.


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  • All of these features, in a nonrecursive form, are found in other animals.

    Economics and Evolution, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The ribs are lined with series of 6 round panels organized in a self-similar, nonrecursive pattern generated through a fractal algorithm.

    The Greenhouse Nightclub Interior by bluarch Architecture

  • For example to track all files (including system imports) in a nonrecursive scanner, use the following install code in your SConstruct:

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  • The nonrecursive version is probably to be preferred, so that we can maintain the list of constraints conveniently on a stack.

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  • There is a more general approach that converts any recursive procedure (or function) into a nonrecursive one, but this approach introduces a user-defined stack.

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  • Give nonrecursive preorder, postorder, and inorder traversal algorithms that do not use \ "states\" or a stack, as Fig. 3.9 does.

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  • However, in the most frequently executed portions of programs, we may wish to eliminate recursion, and it is the purpose of this discussion to illustrate how recursive procedures can be converted to nonrecursive ones by the introduction of a user-defined stack.

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  • Thus our nonrecursive preorder procedure, like the example in Section 2.6, models closely the way the recursive procedure is implemented.

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  • † One way to perform a nonrecursive preorder traversal of a tree is given by the program NPREORDER shown in Fig. 3.9.

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