nonreferential love


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  • adj. Not referential in character or style


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non- +‎ referential


  • The type of meditation used is called "nonreferential compassion," and involves the meditator focusing on unlimited compassion and loving kindness toward all living beings.

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  • Eight Buddhist adepts and 10 volunteers who had had a crash course in meditation engaged in the form of meditation called nonreferential compassion.

    How Thinking Can Change the Brain

  • They would be as incomprehensible to them as the most elusive lines of John Ashbery or the most resolutely nonreferential L = A = N = G = U = A = G = E poems.


  • The show was apparently conceived to prove that the crisp, rectangular volumes Smith deployed in his later works, especially the stainless-steel "Cubi" series, were part of a lifetime interest in nonreferential geometric form—his association with Abstract Expressionism and the allusive biomorphic elements of his early work notwithstanding.

    The Artist in All His Dimensions

  • And therein lies some of the fascinating issues surrounding these works, which were created at the time that nonreferential abstraction was gaining prominence.

    Abstraction in the Synagogue

  • In other words, Picasso's pastiche of classical styles, following hard on the flowering of collage, revealed the free-floating, nonreferential signifier of collage as no longer autonomous but meaningless instead.

    'The Picasso Papers': An Exchange

  • It doesn't founder in the sciences, whose working interdisciplinary teams were observed (by 'humanists') and taken as models; it may not so founder in the social sciences (which have, however, fewer common languages than the natural sciences); but it can and must founder whenever the arts are involved, and for good reason: however much art may make reference to a variety of subjects, its importance is fundamentally nonreferential.

    Art, Life & Dr. Williams

  • She moved fairly quickly, though, to nonreferential abstraction, using handmade papers she bought and fabrics she accumulated: strips of worn clothing, ribbons and other sewing basket detritus.

    NYT > Home Page

  • "This may be the first book of the post-Reaganite era, an era when English-only, evasive, nonreferential poetry glutted the market," the poet, novelist, and agitator

  • I looked for anonymity of actions through nonreferential, abstract art. ''



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