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  • adj. Not regular


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non- +‎ regular


  • After all, today they might be able to grab some nonregular sports readers.

    Wood War! Who Wins Today's Grabby Tabloid Battle For Your Eyeballs?

  • "" People in nonregular work schedules often have very low job security and no social benefits, '' says Gerhard Engelbrech, a labor-market expert at Germany's Federal Labor Office.

    It's A Woman's World

  • In fact, in our version of Gupta-Bleuler electromagnetism quoted in my previous post, we did find that the physical representations had to be discontinuous on nonphysical objects (nonregular representations).

    Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Science or Sociology?

  • So, if one takes the field algebra of observables, and allow (Hilbert space) representations to have nonregular behaviour on the nonphysical objects, then the theorems above do not hold anymore, and one can enforce the Gauss law constraint and field equation without any problems.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • The series made the challenge in February, offering the bonus to any nonregular driver who qualified for a race and won.

    SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter

  • Japan Post to make 65,000 nonregular employees full-time workers

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • When a nonregular sits down, the proprietor approaches the table gingerly, half-afraid that once again, he is going to have to explain why Quan Mien Trung serves no pho bac, no platters of broken rice, no stinky, organy bowls of bun bo Hue.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue

  • Premier Gordon Campbell and his B.C. Liberals came into office in 2001 promising to restore regulation of group will award regular worker status to some 65,000 of 200,000 nonregular employees, possibly in November, the president of Japan Post Holdings Co. said Friday. - Financial News

  • Not yet time for Japan-U.S. working-level talks on Futemma: Okada Keidanren sees health industry as key for Japan's growth strategy No. of 'freeter' nonregular workers rises for 1st time in 6 years

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • Group plans to promote about 100,000 nonregular workers, about half of the 200,000 or so workers with temporary employment contracts in the group, to regular ... - Photown News


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