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  • adj. Not relativistic; classical, Newtonian


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  • If you want to include the time prior to the formation of the solar system you will have to tack on a few billion years that had been quite uneventful and still rather nonrelativistic.

    Alternative to Dembski's Theodicy?

  • See p. 496, where this procedure is implemented for the case of a nonrelativistic pointlike particle.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • Instead, he applies the standard quantization procedure to twistor theory, the same canonical quantization that has been previously applied to nonrelativistic particles, spin, Maxwell's electromagnetic field and strings.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • Any matter (nonrelativistic) degrees of freedom, for example, would ruin reversibility, as perturbations would grow.

    Against Bounces

  • [Ghirardi and Grassi, 1994, 1996] it has been proved that it is impossible to build a genuinely relativistically invariant theory which, in its nonrelativistic limit, exhibits parameter dependence.

    Collapse Theories

  • As we have mentioned, the other consistent proposal, at the nonrelativistic level, of a conceptually satisfactory solution of the macro-objectification problem is represented by the Collapse Theories which are the subject of these pages.

    Collapse Theories

  • Rather, it governs the motion of the fundamental variables, the positions of the particles: In the Bohmian mechanical version of nonrelativistic quantum theory, quantum mechanics is fundamentally about the behavior of particles; the particles are described by their positions, and Bohmian mechanics prescribes how these change with time.

    Bohmian Mechanics

  • Like nonrelativistic quantum theory, of which it is a version,

    Bohmian Mechanics

  • This is not an objection to Bohmian mechanics but merely a recognition that quantum field theory explains a great deal more than does nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, whether in orthodox or Bohmian form.

    Bohmian Mechanics

  • Bohmian mechanics is the minimal completion of Schrödinger's equation, for a nonrelativistic system of particles, to a theory describing a genuine motion of particles.

    Bohmian Mechanics


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