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  • n. A belief system that is not a religion.


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non- +‎ religion


  • More could be said about the complicated flows of Americans from one religion or nonreligion to another, but we close this section by noting one final implication of what we have learned.

    American Grace

  • Critics call it a back-door attempt to replay old battles about including biblical creationism or intelligent design in science curricula, a point defenders reject based on a clause that the law “shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine … or promote discrimination for or against religion or nonreligion.”

    The Panda's Thumb: Dave Thomas Archives

  • The Establishment Clause “mandates governmental neutrality between religion and religion, and between religion and nonreligion.”


  • It is not logically possible for the government both to be neutral between religion and nonreligion and to give religion special protection.


  • Religion is just another target for our own faults, but then if you are so much of a fanatic about your nonreligion as some people are about their religion, nothing is gained.

    The Atheist Bus Drove In on the Web - The Lede Blog -

  • By requiring government to accommodate religious , prescriptions but not nonreligious personal choices, the Free Exercise Clause necessarily requires, and therefore permits, government to favor relion over nonreligion in precisely the way Prodessor Somin objects to — permitting religious people to make selections that meet religious needs while not permitting selections not related to a religious “exercise”.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Minor but Annoying Example of Unconstitutional Religious Discrimination in Virginia Marriage Law:

  • This is a demographic disaster for religion because most children pick up their religion or nonreligion from their fathers, and a given generation retains its level of religiosity through life.

    Why the Republicans and Their Religious Base Are in a Lot More Trouble Than They Realize

  • Hence, those 40 years suggest more strongly than can any set of formulaic tests that few individuals, whatever their system of beliefs, are likely to have understood the monument as amounting, in any significantly detrimental way, to a government effort to favor a particular religious sect, primarily to promote religion over nonreligion, to “engage in any religious practice, to compel any religious practice, or to work deterrence of any religious belief ....

    Is That Legal?: religion Archives

  • We will not officially endorse or establish religion — either one specific religion, or the idea of religion over nonreligion. —

    Balloon Juice » 2005 » August

  • The Air Force issued new religion guidelines to its commanders yesterday that caution against promoting any particular faith – or even “the idea of religion over nonreligion” – in official communications or functions like meetings, sports events and ceremonies.

    Balloon Juice » 2005 » August


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