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  • adj. Not of royal rank or family
  • n. One who is not a royal.


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non- +‎ royal


  • But this year, like all the others, Kate was banned—along with every other nonroyal—from spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Sandringham.

    William and Kate

  • Imhotep, among the few nonroyal Egyptians known to us from the Old Kingdom, was a Renaissance man at the center of a sweeping Egyptian renaissance.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • It was customary that crown representatives, from princes to nonroyal administrators like Brandon, were given a local source of landed revenues to fund what was, in effect, a satellite, regional court.

    From Heads of Household to Heads of State: The Preaccession Households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558

  • She was the first nonroyal woman to appear on English currency.

    Eminence Without Irony

  • One example Junod offers of a nonroyal xivongo is that of the Makaneta, a subclan of the Mazwaya: "Makaneta, n'wa yindlo ya ntima!"

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • The world maps covered in pink splodges, the uniforms and relics of Clive of India and Gordon of Khartoum, the portraits of colonial governors and letters from early inhabitants of Australia, the photographs of royal persons cutting ribbons and nonroyal persons tapping trees, went.

    Hound in the Left-hand Corner, The

  • The fine pottery found even in nonroyal tombs suggests a general prosperity, and the most impressive Mycenaean architecture dates to the 14th century.

    d. The Late Helladic Period: The Mycenaean Age

  • Family, close friends, and royal guests went to the wedding breakfast for 180 at Buckingham Palace, while nonroyal heads of state attended a luncheon hosted by Margaret Thatcher at the Bank of England.

    The Full Feed from

  • Kate's modest, nonroyal background - the daughter of a former British Airways officer and a former flight attendant who now run a mail-order business - plays neatly into the fairy-tale narrative.

    The Seattle Times

  • Not only did its modest size suggest it had been intended for a nonroyal, but it was also hastily decorated, with wall paintings marred by splashes of paint nobody ever cleaned up. Top Stories


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