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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to salary.


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non- +‎ salary


  • But now an IRS auditor and the women's accountant can haggle over an additional issue: whether more than 20% of their profit -- more than $12,000 of the owners '$60,000 in nonsalary earnings -- can be attributed to the efforts of Joe, their website design employee.

    Senate Proposal Pits IRS Against Small Businesses

  • In 1967 average real (inflation-adjusted) income for the middle class (families with incomes between the fortieth and sixtieth percentiles of the income distribution) was about $43,000; in 2007 it was more than $61,000.8 This increase does not include the increased generosity of nonwage and nonsalary benefits such as health care, pensions, flexible workweeks, more family leave, more vacation, and holidays.


  • What if the unemployed individual has a nonsalary income of $25,000 and a working spouse making $100,000; should the unemployed person receive benefits?

    Helping the Desperate or Subsidizing the Unemployed?

  • However, in both cases, I think the increase would have to be truly massive to make a big difference in quality, given how high the total compensation of judges and legal scholars including nonsalary compensation, of course already is.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Stephen Larson’s Resignation Does Not Show that Federal Judges are Underpaid:

  • And, as with federal judges, the nonsalary elements of our total compensation are enough to offset our relatively low salaries compared to lawyers at big firms.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Stephen Larson’s Resignation Does Not Show that Federal Judges are Underpaid:

  • Honda's withdrawal from Formula One racing plus reduced spending on such nonsalary expenses as travel and entertainment will save another 100 billion yen, he said.

    Honda to Increase Production

  • Wells Fargo said it boosted the executives 'salaries because rules governing TARP banks place hefty limits on nonsalary pay.

    Wells Fargo Skirts TARP to Raise Pay

  • Last winter, Yale cut staff and nonsalary expenses by 7.5% for the 2009-10 academic year and signaled it would ask for further cuts in nonsalary expenses of 5% for 2010-11.

    Harvard, Yale Are Big Losers in 'The Game' of Investing

  • Ms. Howard suggests asking for nonsalary items that will help with the job at hand and boost your career as well.

    Don't Let These Common Traps

  • -- In the Department of Justice's fiscal year 1992 appropriations bill (Commerce, State, Justice, and related agencies), permanent language was added to take the unobligated balances from the last five years and transfer them into a department-level WCF as start-up funding for investments in capital equipment and other nonsalary purposes.

    Npr Monograph On Financial Management Part A


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