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  • adj. Not scholarly.


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non- +‎ scholarly


  • We've had a nonscholarly relationship for many years, but I don't think I'll ever shake my desire to be head-patted by him.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • Government auditors claim the school used millions of taxpayer dollars earmarked for research on such nonscholarly pursuits as the upkeep of the mausoleum that houses the remains of founders Leland and Jane Stanford and their son Leland Jr.

    Showing Its Age

  • Outraged by the nonscholarly approach of Afrocentric writers, she somewhat naïvely imagined that facts would put their extreme theories to rest.

    The Hazards of Telling the Truth

  • Summary: “A nonscholarly, nonfiction presentation of hundreds of unusual facts from the Bible”—Provided by publisher.

    Mysteries & Intrigues of the Bible

  • Yet my experience shows how questions of a nonscholarly nature can lead to regrettable lapses.

    Half the Fun

  • It is possible, at a minimum, to evaluate legal scholarship according to (1) the practical difficulty or intellectual beauty of its methodology, (2) its intended audience, (3) the value added by the scholar relative to the work of a nonscholarly legal professional, or (4) its overall value, either to a specialized field or to society at large.

    Scholarly hierarchies: further thoughts

  • Instead, it has been written with the objective of being both as accessible and as helpful as possible to a nonscholarly audience.

    Power and Influence

  • Mr. McInerny's nonscholarly writing was hardly confined to Father Dowling.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Considering such nonscholarly writing is not irrational; one can argue that they do shed some light on the author's qualities of mind.

    Dave Kopel RSS feed

  • One's nonscholarly writings, such as columns in a local alternative newspaper, blog posts, and the like might be seen as a form of community service; but they are not a major factor, and if a candidate doesn't want them to be considered, they generally aren't (at least in the absence of unusual misconduct such as plagiarism).

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