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  • adj. Not school, or not directly related to school
  • n. A building or organization that is not a school.


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non- +‎ school


  • The education department had a policy that prohibited religious instruction and worship at public schools during nonschool hours.

    Churches at Schools Get a Reprieve

  • We haven't paid for nonschool endeavors for Luke, our college junior, who has worked the past four summers at a robotics-engineering shop -- an internship equivalent -- to raise cash.

    A Summer Internship: Who Foots the Bill?

  • At the University of California, Berkeley, for example, students who buy the school plan pay $10.80 for an X-ray on campus, while nonschool-plan holders pay $54.

    Don't Get Sick on Campus

  • Not good enough, especially for disadvantaged kids whose nonschool hours often undermine what they're taught in class, but pretty good.

    The Case for Saturday School

  • But the same body of research shows that nonschool factors matter even more than teachers.

    Has Ravitch hurt 'Superman’s' Oscar ambitions?

  • According to University of Washington economist Dan Goldhaber, about 60 percent of achievement is explained by nonschool factors, such as family income.

    Has Ravitch hurt 'Superman’s' Oscar ambitions?

  • At the same time, Seth Godin opens a sort of business nonschool: six months hanging in his office, working on project, neither paying nor getting paid, to provide a springboard for a life change.

    Reinventing oneself « BuzzMachine

  • Hoover said the correlation of nonschool factors like median income with test performance was off the charts.

    Ohio Tests Measure Economic Privilege of Test-Takers

  • • To offset the disadvantages faced by historically lower performing groups of students, in-school programs and reforms need to be complemented with out-of-school interventions and programs that address nonschool conditions such as housing, poverty, health care, and safety.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • In one, the court ruled 5-4 that a student's speech can be abridged by government because he seemed to be supporting drug use in a nonschool venue.

    Things Our Constitution Needs


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