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  • n. A person who is not a scientist.


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  • As a nonscientist, which is my standard disclaimer, I can’t get into the technical debate or tell the real technical people here from the poseurs.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » ClimateGate Fallout Continues

  • Mr. RUCHL: In this new agency, they still have environmental scientists who are reviewing offshore drilling plans answering to nonscientist managers whose job it is to move the lease packages along.

    Pressure On For Swift Makeover Of Drilling Regulator

  • The only nonscientist in the company, I was responsible for putting a business plan together.

    New at the top: Eric I. Richman of PharmAthene

  • If anyone cares to do a nice 3-dimensional plot using geographic area described/coauthors/data sources, it might be an interesting study of overlaps and explain to the nonscientist readers how data can be mined for maximum number of publications, with discussion of how careers are created for one's graduate students and how graduate students, well, this would make it a four-dimensional plot if you add in grad students' PR methodology *cough*Hannity*cough*.

    Mad as Hell

  • While there may well be a minority of scientists who fit the category, it indicates a very narrow view of scientists, one that is so very often reinforced through TV programs and cartoons, comic books, and comments from nonscientist parents and other adults.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • There is no doubt that Mr. Bojowald will leave many casualties by the roadside — but those who persevere will find undoubted insights into one possible explanation of the universe at its most fundamental and will experience the work of top-level science as close to first-hand as is humanly possible for a nonscientist.

    How It

  • Mr. Frazier, a Harvard Law School graduate who was a corporate litigator before joining Merck in 1992, is the latest nonscientist to head a drug maker.

    Merck Names Frazier as CEO

  • And (2) (what Matheson seems to mean) he is making sure that the average nonscientist, with little time or interest in the “debate,” sides with the hopeless Biblical literalists under a “big tent” against “big bad science.”

    Two analyses of Meyer's "Signature in the Cell" - The Panda's Thumb

  • Oh, but that would be a suggestion made by a female nonscientist with an MFA.

    November 2009

  • As a nonscientist, I probably would not have understood this without a clear explanation like this.

    Are we meat eaters or vegetarians? Part II | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.


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