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  • noun A work that is not a sequel.


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non- +‎ sequel


  • The totals were slightly short of first-weekend sales for “Spider-Man,” the 2002 blockbuster that holds the record for the top nonsequel superhero movie opening ...

    Weekend of Box Office

  • Still, if it happens, it'll either be tremendously exciting (like the original "Purple Rain") or a sodden oddity (like Prince's other films, the gigolo-themed nonsequel "Under the Cherry Moon" and the incomprehensibly spiritual "Graffiti Bridge").

    The New Yorker

  • I also won't tell you this nonsequel and nonremake that's a big-screen retelling of a widely admired graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons sucked creatively.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue

  • Instead, this nonsequel was hampered by linear missions, dumbed-down AI resistance, and simplistic vehicle chases.

    Maximum PC all RSS Feed

  • Distributor 20th Century Fox says the much-anticipated futuristic 3D spectacle's worldwide gross total of $232.2 million ranks as the "highest-grossing nonfranchise, nonsequel opening ever."

    Mania News Feed

  • If the number is confirmed when final data are issued on Monday, "Avatar" will set a new opening record for a nonsequel.

    Moneycontrol Top Headlines

  • The original Panda grossed more than $626 million worldwide and is DWA's most successful nonsequel.


  • "Kung Fu Panda," which was distributed by Paramount Pictures, has earned more than 626 million dollars worldwide, making it DreamWorks Animation's most successful nonsequel film ever. News Feed


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