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  • n. Electronic mail that is not spam (junk mail); legitimate e-mail.


non- +‎ spam (Wiktionary)


  • The spams are scoring higher and the nonspam is scoring even lower.

    Hello Whatever I Will Call It

  • Windows Mail is a mild reworking of Outlook Express whose big new feature is a spam filter that in my tests flagged nonspam as spam and vice versa an unacceptable 10% of the time. February 2007 Archives

  • Arguably, these are neither my spam nor my nonspam mail.

    Better Bayesian Filtering

  • If you were doing Bayesian filtering in a situation where the ratio of spam to nonspam was consistently very high or

    Better Bayesian Filtering

  • P (nonspam) are both .5, they cancel out and you can remove them from the formula.

    Better Bayesian Filtering

  • Most randomly chosen words turn out not to have occurred in either spam or nonspam mail, and therefore have neutral spam probabilities.

    So Far, So Good

  • I do this by counting the occurrences of tokens in the nonspam corpus double.

    Better Bayesian Filtering

  • One is simply that they trained their filter on very little data: 160 spam and 466 nonspam mails.

    Better Bayesian Filtering

  • A token that occurs disproportionately often in your nonspam mail, like the name of a friend, will count as much toward decreasing the spam probability as a token like "cash" would to increasing it.

    Will Filters Kill Spam?

  • Bayesian filters calculate spam probabilities based on the spam and nonspam mail each user receives.

    Will Filters Kill Spam?


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