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  • adjective unstandardized


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non- +‎ standardized


  • However, he did say that an ESMA task force was already working on this issue and was considering whether there will still be room for tailored or nonstandardized derivatives contracts.

    ESMA to Be Strongly 'Independent'

  • They burden providers with onerous nonstandardized paperwork.

    Arguing with conservatives about health care

  • Trades will be reported either via clearinghouses for standardized swaps, thus also alleviating the counterparty-risk problem, or via trade repositories for nonstandardized swaps.

    In Swaps We Trust, as Long as Federal Regulators Keep a Tight Rein

  • This is especially important when buying nonstandardized products.

    The Four Basic Methods in Organizational Buying and their Importance to a Company's Strategy Plannin

  • But is the growing proliferation of nonstandardized labels helping consumers make healthy choices or creating more confusion?

    Figuring Out the Labels

  • "Two people writing different reports may have a totally different view or outlook of what is happening ... because they are looking at different [nonstandardized] information sources."

    Staring You in the Face

  • Many readers here probably know that *before* about 200 BC the date Zizka is referring to is the Qin conquest that ended the Warring States period, technically in 221 BCE Chinese bronze inscriptions are actually highly regionalized in form, though the different versions of each character appear to be related -- as though the already rather idiosyncratic and nonstandardized oracle bone script had diverged into different writing systems for the different states. WRITTEN VERNACULARS IN ASIA.

  • In place of twenty-eight different computer systems and fifty-three nonstandardized semiautonomous blood testing regions we built eight brand new, best in the world, state of the art labs.

    Address To The Kennedy School Of Government

  • "In this same spirit, one wonders if the Gap randomly assigns nonstandardized clothing items to its various outlets so as to simulate the illusion of regional variety."


  • Many nonstandardized studies have been conducted on the draft pulling capacity of various animal species breeds and crosses.

    1. Selection of animals


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