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  • adj. Not a state: lacking the institutional power or authority of an organized government
  • n. A sociopolitical entity other than a state.


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non- +‎ state


  • But Congo is important; it heads a miserable category described as "nonstate conflict", a mêlée of warlords, ethnic rivals, mafias and militias, all fighting out in a failed state.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • World-Honored One, the nonstate is the state of Buddhahood.


  • If Pakistan manages to reassert control over these groups, India will have a relatively easier time managing its so-called nonstate actor threat with Islamabad.


  • It also insists that any new "nonstate" (private sector) economic activities not be allowed to lead to the "concentration of property" (that is, the accumulation of wealth).

    So Much For Cuban Economic Reform

  • And perhaps, in our brave new world of "nonstate" actors and murderous religious martyrs, we are beginning, like Hobbes, to fear disorder more than tyranny.

    The Art of Being Ruled

  • Because these "nonstate" actors working for companies, quasi-governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) frequently do work that officials once did, they have privileged access to official information-information that they can deploy to their own ends. Main RSS Feed

  • At that point, 62 percent of employed russians worked in nonstate enterprises, and an estimated 40 million russians owned shares either in companies or in investment funds.

    The Return

  • Immigration status aside, state residents are thought to be deserving of a subsidy because they pay sales taxes, property taxes and other fees to support state institutions that nonstate residents don't pay.

    Texas's Immigration Choices

  • Pakistan denies this and says it can't be held responsible for strikes on India by nonstate actors.

    Pakistan, India End Talks on Positive Note

  • To admit that nonstate terrorists were the primary danger to the nation, it then became impossible to argue, as many in the administration did, that a rogue state, Iraq, was the number-one danger.

    The Longest War


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