nonstatistical love


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  • adj. Not statistical


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ statistical


  • The very possibility of finding a reduction function or bridge law that captures the concept of temperature and the strict, nonstatistical, role it plays in the thermodynamics seems impossible.

    Intertheory Relations in Physics

  • This term is defined in terms of Carnot cycles and is related to the strict, nonstatistical second law as it appears in that theory.

    Intertheory Relations in Physics

  • The so-called reduction of classical thermodynamics to statistical mechanics, however, fails to identify or associate nonstatistical features in the reducing theory, statistical mechanics, with the nonstatistical concept of temperature as it appears in the reduced theory.

    Intertheory Relations in Physics

  • The President today sent FY 2000 budget amendments to the Congress to respond to terrorist threats against U.S. diplomats abroad by strengthening security at U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities overseas and to meet the additional needs arising from the Supreme Court decision requiring the reliance on additional nonstatistical activities to conduct the 2000 Census.

    President Asks Congress For Embassy Security Funding

  • According to a new nonstatistical Intel study of laptop theft among businesses, the largest percentage of business laptops were lost when an employee was working out of the office, followed by when an employee was traveling.

    NYT > Home Page

  • A nonstatistical difference was seen even among spouses of smokers and those who had regular exposures at work.

    Junkfood Science


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