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  • adj. Not systemic.


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non- +‎ systemic


  • "The market generally has digested the Greek issue and sees it as a nonsystemic issue at this point," said Bill Street , global head of active fixed income at State Street Global Advisors in London.

    As Vector, Greece Loses Its Potency

  • Rule-writers should consider "nonsystemic" firms as well as "too big to fail" banks.

    Three Lessons From the Collapse

  • "As soon as there's a chance to have real popular support, they will become nonsystemic opposition."

    Kremlin Braces for Massive Protests

  • Just a week ago, such participation in a public protest with leaders of the "nonsystemic" opposition—the outspoken Kremlin critics frozen out of the political process—would have been unthinkable, members of the parliamentary parties said.

    Kremlin Braces for Massive Protests

  • He and several party colleagues were in intense talks Thursday and Friday with leaders of the nonsystemic opposition, such as Vladimir Ryzhkov, over how to handle negotiations with city officials ahead of Saturday's demonstration.

    Kremlin Braces for Massive Protests

  • If nonsystemic violations are found, nothing will happen.

    Dawn Teo: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Not Be Prosecuted For Racial Profiling Or Discrimination

  • The nonsystemic risk -- i.e. the risk that depends on the debtor's quality, which the creditor himself can assess best -- should not be sold away.

    German Policy Lessons

  • · Since they are translocated within the leaf, uniform foliage coverage is not as important as with the nonsystemic protectant fungicides.

    Chapter 10

  • The amount of water need for adequate coverage varies with plant size, density, type of product (systemics versus nonsystemic), and insect location, but there are some rough guidelines:

    Chapter 10

  • There are several considerations in choosing between a systemic and nonsystemic insecticide:

    Chapter 10


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