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  • adjective Not subject to taxation; -- of goods imported into a country or sold at retail outlets. Opposite of taxable.

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  • adjective Not subject to being taxed.

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  • adjective (of goods or funds) not subject to taxation


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  • Supports "nontaxable" coupon option to calculate tax based on full value of items before discount.

    Wil's Ebay E-Store

  • Note: The compensation includes, where applicable, bonuses, deferred compensation and nontaxable benefits, in addition to base salary.

    Cultural CEOs' Pay

  • We were struck that so little income was associated with $1 million-and-up filers, until we realized that your chart does not include many items of nontaxable income.

    The Fiscal Mirage of Raising Taxes on the Wealthy

  • By comparison, bond mutual funds, including both taxable and nontaxable offerings, paid out a comparatively meager 3.8%, while stock funds didn't even keep up with inflation, paying out just 0.9%.

    High Income, Added Risks

  • I would add another data set for certain countries, especially Italy, and that is nontaxable market time or the underground economy.

    Prescott on Tax Cuts, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • These are almost certainly a nontaxable rebate, says Melissa Labant of the American Institute of CPAs.

    Frequent-Flier Tax Traps

  • Excluding nontaxable benefits was perhaps justifiable when they were a smaller percentage of total income, but that day has long since passed and at this point the statistics are more useful to the demagogue than to someone actually trying to understand the costs and benefits of employment.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Wage Stagnation Debate

  • Citing a Treasury Department rule, she says "occasional" local transportation fare may qualify as a nontaxable fringe benefit if it is truly "de minimis" -- meaning an exclusion covering small benefits that aren't provided regularly.

    Paying Taxes on Company Reimbursements

  • These also appear to qualify as a nontaxable rebate, the experts said.

    Frequent-Flier Tax Traps

  • Further, a recent study has shown that Germans and Americans spend the same amount of time working, but the proportion of taxable market time vs. nontaxable home work time is different.

    Prescott on Tax Cuts, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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