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  • n. A person who is not a techie.


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non- +‎ techie


  • Paul Patella, a senior marketing manager at Straumann, said Mr. Taylor connected with the nontechie audience by telling them to "go way outside the box."

    Tech Execs Tap the Speaking Circuit

  • Q: In your iPad 2 review, your recommended it over all other tablets for "average, nontechie users."

    Mossberg's Mailbox

  • I merely phrased it that way because mainstream, average, nontechie users are my target audience, and I don't review products through the eyes of techies, enthusiasts, hobbyists, or corporate IT departments.

    Mossberg's Mailbox

  • For most average, nontechie users, I would recommend it over the handful of tablet competitors I've tested so far, especially given that the entry price remains attractive.

    iPad 2: Thin, Not Picture Perfect

  • This column is written for mainstream, nontechie users of digital technology.

    Ubuntu and the Wall Street Journal

  • When Microsoft began to grow in 1980, Gates needed a smart nontechie to help run things, and he lured Ballmer, who had worked for Procter & Gamble, to Seattle as an equity partner.

    American Sketches

  • This can make the computer feel like new, but the problem is that it can be tricky and tedious for nontechie users.

    Cleaning Out Windows XP

  • All of these things are helpful, though I don't recommend that nontechie users "tweak" the Windows registry, which contains vital program information that can mistakenly be removed or altered if you don't know what you're doing.

    Cleaning Out Windows XP

  • Let's face it: but for Microsoft's bundled products, the average nontechie consumer would have to buy so many types of software and be stuck with so many compatibility problems that he'd have remained almost computer-illiterate -- as was the case when computers ran only on DOS.

    Mourning For Microsoft

  • Also, the lack of a hard disk, and the relative paucity of truly simple Linux software, means that most nontechie users will be stuck with the included programs, which can't be removed and which don't include a calendar or contacts program, or even an email program.

    Asus Offers Travelers


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