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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to timber.


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non- +‎ timber


  • Rain forests are now recognized as vast reservoirs of potential life-saving drugs and sustainable nontimber products.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 4

  • Shifting (podu) cultivation and excessive dependence of the local communities on the nontimber forest products, especially in the northern parts of Andhra Pradesh, have also begun to degrade the ecological integrity of the forests.

    Eastern highlands moist deciduous forests

  • They provide both direct economic benefits (energy, food, timber and nontimber products) and indirect benefits through the provision of ecological services (water catchment, controlling erosion and moderation of local climate).

    Eastern Africa and forests and woodlands

  • Mangroves are being intensively cut for firewood, charcoal burning, and nontimber produce.

    Myanmar Coast mangroves

  • Extensive poaching and collection of nontimber forest products by the tribal communities are also a serious concern.

    Northern dry deciduous forests

  • In many areas, intensive livestock grazing, fire, and nontimber forest product harvest have converted the habitat to scrub and savanna woodland.

    Northern dry deciduous forests

  • Forests do not consist of just standing trees -- trees grow, fires and other disasters take place, people and wildlife consume nontimber forest produce, etc.

    Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming RSS Newsfeed

  • He considers the significant challenges facing existing parks and examines problems inherent in alternative approaches, such as ecotourism, the exploitation of nontimber forest products,

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  • Management, and Governance, the book explores the responses of forest communities to change by examining a variety of contemporary management issues-including wildfire risk, forest restoration, amenity migration, and commercial harvest of nontimber forest products.

  • For Dollars and Sense, researchers looked not just at the value of timber in old-growth forests in B.C. inhabited by the endangered spotted owl, but also at the value of recreational uses, nontimber forest products, and the role the forests play in storing carbon.

    The Georgia Straight - News And Views


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