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  • adjective Not tradable.


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non- +‎ tradable


  • And the speed by which globalization is now moving, because of these huge outsourcing platforms in goods and now in our -- what we used to call nontradable services, together with the Internet, has changed the dynamic by which we must now respond to these global conditions, as never before.

    CNN Transcript Dec 9, 2003

  • Like most listed companies, Shenzhen Development had certain shares deemed "nontradable," and making them tradable required tricky negotiations.

    TPG Scores in Its Sale of Shenzhen

  • "Future growth must rely more on the tradable sector and less on the nontradable sector — especially in countries that had built up large imbalances during the boom."

    IMF: Emerging Europe Must Cut Deficits

  • The ministry also said last week it was canceling plans to offer 30 billion yuan in nontradable bonds.

    China Local-Bond Sale Falls Short

  • This employment growth was almost all in the "nontradable" side of the economy—sectors generating goods and services that must be consumed where they are produced.

    Why the Old Jobs Aren't Coming Back

  • "We believe A-shares 'liquidity situation in the third quarter shall improve, given a low level of nontradable shares unlocking, less tight banks, increasing regulatory support, and the clarity of banks' financing," he added.

    China Bolsters Asia Markets

  • Producers and importers of gasoline and jet fuel, for example, would be cordoned off from the wider carbon-permit auctions and instead buy separate, nontradable allowances pegged to the fixed price at which the auction closes.

    Just Don't Call It a Climate Bill

  • It is the nontradable services sector that determines low skilled American wages.

    More Cool Work By Hainmueller and Hiscox, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The company also recorded a $55.2 million accounting gain from the nontradable-share reform at affiliate China International Marine Containers (Group)

    Cosco Pacific Net Drops 36% in Absence of One-Time Gains

  • In the 21st century the US economy has been able to create net new jobs only in nontradable domestic services, such as waitresses, bartenders, government workers, hospital orderlies, and retail clerks.

    A Workforce Betrayed: Watching Greed Murder the Economy


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