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  • adjective Not urban


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non- +‎ urban


  • At 11 pm, the two are similar at 400 m; the nonurban is a little warmer at 200 m with strong inversion to surface, while, in the urban setting, there remains a somewhat adiabatic lapse rate near surface with an attenuated inversion.

    Godowitch et al 1985 on Urban Boundary Layers « Climate Audit

  • Mediacom, which mainly serves nonurban U.S. regions, said it has formed a committee led by independent directors

    Corporate Watch

  • But hopefully high gas prices will spur a bit of better urban policy which has been lacking in most places for so long due in large part to disproportionate representation of nonurban people at various levels of government.


  • Mediacom, which mainly serves nonurban regions in the U.S., said it has formed a committee led by independent directors

    Mediacom Gets Buyout Bid From CEO

  • When you go to the Midwest, the South and even nonurban parts of California, you see lots of trucks.

    Larry Magid: Steve Jobs Is a National Treasure, but Microsoft should 'Keep on Truckin'

  • "[Palin] stands for a genuine movement: a dwindling white nonurban America that is aflame with grievances and awash in self-pity as the country hurtles into the 21st century and leaves it behind," New York Times 7/11/09

    Patrick Sauer: An Interview With Nick Reding, Author of Methland

  • Blacks and Hispanics waited longer for care than whites, women waited slightly longer than men and patients seen in urban emergency departments waited twice as long as those seen in nonurban ERs.

    When the ER Flatlines

  • Background levels in nonurban settings are even lower, generally about 6 ng/m3 or less.

    Public Health Statement for Mercury

  • Anger at the government among nonurban voters won't have much of an effect on the size of the Labour Party's expected majority.

    Britain: On The Campaign Trail

  • Zoning laws don't allow cell towers in residential areas (and residents don't want ugly structures), so wireless companies have had trouble providing coverage to hilly nonurban areas.

    Tech: Answered Prayers


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