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  • adj. (of a quantity) that is nonzero at all points in a space


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  • If you continue to assume maximal symmetry for the spacetime, then this would seem to imply that only Minkowski space is allowed, not AdS or dS, since they have nonvanishing Ricci scalar.

    Matter v Antimatter II: Electroweak Baryogenesis

  • Might this then contribute to a a nonvanishing cubic term in the group elements t?

    Dark Matter and Fifth Forces

  • The contents of any two regions of space-time separated by a nonvanishing spatiotemporal interval constitute separable physical systems, in the sense that (1) each possesses its own, distinct physical state, and (2) the joint state of the two systems is wholly determined by these separate states.

    Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

  • If we look at it from a risk mitigation perspective, it is a severe-consequence outcom with nonvanishing probability, so we can't ignore it.


  • Before any magnets have been reached the EPR-Bohm wave function is a sum of two terms, corresponding to nonvanishing values for two of the four possible joint spin components for the two particles, each term a product of an eigenstate for a component of spin in a given direction for particle 1 with the opposite eigenstate (i.e., belonging to the eigenvalue that is the negative of the eigenvalue for particle 1) for the component of spin in the same direction for particle 2.

    Bohmian Mechanics


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