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  • adj. Not vintage: recent
  • adj. Not a vintage wine: not made from grapes harvested during a single year


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non- +‎ vintage


  • The term "nonvintage" has fallen out of fashion with some producers, who prefer the more positive-sounding "multivintage," though I've yet to hear someone ask for a "multivintage" Champagne in a restaurant or retail store.

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  • The nonvintage is a perfect introduction to the Gimonnet style: a bright, pure, extremely dry style with a dazzling minerality.


  • Our lunch began with glasses of Paul Goerg Rosé nonvintage Champagne, a lovely wine from a cooperative of growers.

    Alain Ducasse

  • Accordingly, she has several pink suggestions; her favorite is the richly textured rosé nonvintage Champagne from Bruno Paillard .

    Thinking Pink for Valentine's

  • Time in a Bottle If you're drinking Champagne this holiday season, the odds are great that it's nonvintage—a blend of several vintages, from dozens to even hundreds of wines from different harvests, styled to taste the same year after year.

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  • After as short a period as 18 months (the legal minimum for nonvintage Champagne) or three years (the vintage minimum), or as long as 10 years, the bottle is "disgorged": The cap is removed; the yeast is forced out; the wine is topped off with a small "dosage" of wine and sugar (the higher the sugar level, the sweeter the resulting Champagne) and the bottle is finally corked.

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  • Its nonvintage offering, made from a high proportion of Pinot Noir, is a blend of dozens of wines from several vintages and regions.


  • Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas Most Champagnes are 'nonvintage'—a blend from several different years.

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  • His rich, orange-hued nonvintage rosé is worth traveling to France to taste, which you may have to since it's very hard to find here.

    Rose-Hued Memories Of a Summer Night

  • Its two top wines are the vintage Unico, with the current release of 1999, and the nonvintage Unico Reserva Especial, blending wines of three different vintages from the 1990s.

    Spanish Greatness, With a Long Wait


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