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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to the voice.


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non- +‎ voice


  • There's ample evidence that the mobile Web is gaining traction: In the U.S., 16% of cellphone owners routinely access the Internet from phones, according to Nielsen Co., while 57% use some kind of nonvoice service, such as sending text messages.

    Mobile Web Is Gaining Traction

  • Indeed, Aircel is looking toward nonvoice data such as texting and Web surfing that now account for 15% of revenue, up from 5% last year.

    Building A Big Telecom

  • While the company's core fixed-line service is losing subscribers to wireless services, revenue from its expanding nonvoice fixed-line services -- including broadband Internet -- are rising.

    China Telecom May Be a Winner

  • China Telecom has been keen to grow its nonvoice operations in recent years to mitigate the decline in its core fixed-line business and Chairman Wang Xiaochu said the aim is to expand nonvoice revenue to account for 50% of total revenue in two years, from 36.5% last year.

    China Telecom's Profit Sank 13%

  • "Even if we don't get a mobile license this year, we are still confident in achieving stable revenue growth this year on the back of growth in our nonvoice business."

    China Telecom's Profit Sank 13%

  • Although there are most definitely visual images involved in this dream-listening, the shapes and colors are like nothing Francis Crozier ever encountered on the other side of Death's veil and it is this nonvoice, nonchant narrative that fills his death dreams.

    The Terror

  • Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » CANNES: nonvoice services become priority

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » CANNES: nonvoice services become priority

  • In fact, some predict that within the next 10 years that about two-thirds of the revenues that come from services and infrastructure in the wireless industry will come from data and nonvoice services, which is a dramatic comparison that currently most of the revenues and most of the services that are over wireless are voice services.

    Telephone Briefing On Third Generation Wireless Technology

  • Using the in-house cabling provided by the telephone company to carry both voice and nonvoice traffic simultaniously, these users strip off the data traffic at the building terminal block, sending it through the cost-effective contention switch and letting the time - and quality-sensitve voice traffic pass on to the central office.

    Centrex Renaissance: The Technology

  • With a future data dominant, but tiered service environment, users may consider it prudent to keep their voice minutes on a voice plan to conserve their available megabytes for nonvoice services.



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