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  • adj. Lacking the right to vote.


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non- +‎ voting


  • The trend towards nonvoting from the mid-1960s to 1996 is evident in every section of the country, but the South has led with a decrease of 11 percent The extent of youth nonvoting in the South has, up to this point, not been quantified.

    Young Voters Flee the Polls

  • A Southam-Torstar deal; a Canadian Tire; a Seagram attempt to bring in nonvoting shares; a predatory takeover of a subsidiary (Dominion Glass, Keeprite, etc.) are all at the expense of my clients and diminish my performance.

    Shareholder Democracy

  • To make the fee less onerous, banks would be allowed to pay with assets other than cash, such as nonvoting shares.

    U.K. Nears Deal to Cap Bank Losses

  • In the election as a whole, the overall rate of "nonvoting" in the Fifth District was only 6 percent, and 6 percent of 552 ballots is only 33, not 132.

    Shame on Them! CA. Election Officials Attack Their Chief

  • In exchange for providing capital, the government would demand some kind of nonvoting minority stake.

    The Housing Bubble Blog

  • In his remarks on Friday, he carefully noted that the government would acquire only "nonvoting" shares in companies.

    Angry Bear

  • In his statement Friday, he assured banks that the government would acquire only "nonvoting" shares.


  • (ii) by inserting 'nonvoting' before 'member'; and

    Latest Articles

  • But LIRR conductor Vincent Tessitore Jr., a nonvoting board member, said Mr. Kay was overlooking the risks of rowdy passengers.

    A Ride Home, Anonymously

  • U.S. possessions with nonvoting delegates to the House (American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) are exempt from paying federal income taxes because Congress acknowledged that they do not have an elected representative in Congress to vote on federal income tax legislation.

    A GOP House could be good for D.C.


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