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  • adj. Not wealthy.


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non- +‎ wealthy


  • But where are the public and political displays of empathy for thousands of nonwealthy families who are suffering the same nightmare?

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • Since candidates are allowed to spend as much of their own money as they wish, advocates contended that the provision gave nonwealthy candidates a fairer chance to match that spending.

    Court to Weigh Campaign Law

  • The counterpunch from other, nonwealthy shareholders has now arrived in the form of a letter from union chief Chuck Canterbury.

    The Exxon Fight, Round 2

  • But in the quest for affluent consumers and luxury-ad dollars, the aim is to build a site that's of interest to the wealthy, rather than one that's exclusionary to the nonwealthy.

    Your Range Rover,

  • Plenty of healthy nonwealthy still out here in America not presenting for treatment in the current capitalist medical franchise.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Shouldn’t Donations to the American Cancer Society

  • The study, the seventh in a series, found that assets held by nonwealthy households -- defined as those with less than $100,000 in financial assets -- declined slightly from 2001 to 2006.

    Study Finds Rich Getting

  • The real value of the federal minimum wage has been drastically cut, and the ability of nonwealthy people to influence Congress has been almost eliminated.

    A Living Wage Revolution

  • He said, "We don't want to put the nonwealthy in our country at such risk." rss feed

  • It may be that the only way for the nonwealthy to compete effectively against unlimited big money is to pre-empt the primary election competition in your own party so that you can raise money in both the primary and general election seasons without spending much. - News :

  • Despite BCRA's self-proclaimed "reform" aspirations, and despite the positive intentions of many of its supporters, it, in fact, functions as an incumbents 'protection act, making it harder for little-known, insurgent, or nonwealthy individuals to challenge entrenched officeholders.

    The Orange County Register - News Headlines : News


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