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  • n. The leaves of a prickly pear cactus, as used in Mexican cooking.


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From Spanish nopales, plural of nopal (from Nahuatl).


  • I suspect that the whitewash route, using nopales, is less common down here due to the lack of nopales.

    Prepping stucco for painting

  • Growing nopales is a huge industry -- both cottage and otherwise -- here in Mexico, and nopales are a staple vegetable in the food supply.

    Our Nopales Are in Danger

  • Drain nopales and add remaining three ingredients.

    Nopales Salad

  • Both the leaves, known as nopales, and the purple fruit that give the plant the name of prickly pear are eaten widely and are available in grocery stores and ethnic markets (or, if you have sturdy gloves and a sharp knife, all around here).

    The Daily News - News

  • The most shocking aspect of a Mexican market (besides, perhaps, the edible oddities) is the produce: thickets of dark, thorny cactus petals called nopales, mountains of tropical fruits unfamiliar to me, dunes of dried legumes and freshly ground chilli powder.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • Cacti are well known novelties among potted plant collectors and gardeners, and some cacti, such as nopales (the stems of prickly pears) and tunas (cactus fruits) have recently gained popularity as a healthy foods outside of Mexico.

    Nopales, tunas and pitayas

  • Vegetables such as nopales, mushrooms, and squash blossoms are often found in the guisados, which usually include some type of fresh or dried chile.

    Wrap It Up: A Guide To Mexican Street Tacos - Part 2: Nighttime Tacos

  • Herbs and vegetables such as nopales (cactus paddles), verdolagas (purslane), berros (watercress) and epazote (wormseed) have traditionally been used to lend a distinctive flavor to the local cooking, as have chiles and seeds, notably pumpkin and sesame.

    A Gastronomic Circuit Around the City or When Lost in Mexico, Follow Your Stomach: El Estado de Mexico

  • I ordered a glass of wine and gave up complete decision-making control to Santos and her crew, except for a request for "nopales," of which I have recently become enamored.

    Loteria Grill at the Farmers Market - Jackpot

  • You can get three different kinds of mole and nopales (fresh, not canned) in little country stores for heavens sake!

    D�a de Muertos vs. Halloween?


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