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  • n. a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula; achieved independence from Sweden in 1905


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  • At a later time the Jews used a threshing sledge called morag, (Isaiah 41: 15; 2 Samuel 24: 22; 1 Chronicles 21: 23) probably resembling the noreg, still employed in Egypt -- a stage with three rollers ridged with iron, which, aided by the driver's weight crushed out, often injuring, the grain, as well as cut or tore the straw, which thus became fit for fodder.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • ♦ Kelemahan lain, setiap pasangan blok plaintext - chipertext akan memiliki pola yang sama sehingga dengan cara copy - paste - overwrite seseorang dapat berharap dia memperoleh keuntungan, misal noreg tabungan di bank.

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  • It is now called noreg.] "It is true," said Pentaur; "just lately I saw the old man singing out his litanies by a sick-bed, and all the time quietly counting the dates, of which they had given him a whole sack-full."

    Uarda : a Romance of Ancient Egypt — Volume 01


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