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  • All normal-space craft, of course, but some were almost as big as the Nemesis.

    Space Viking

  • "And engine-works hyperdrive, normal-space and pseudograv," Trask added.

    Space Viking

  • Guatt Kirbey, sour, and pessimistic, the hyperaptial astro - gator who tried to express his science in music Sharll Renner, the normal-space astrogator, and AIvyn Karffard, the exec., who had been with Harkaman longest of all.

    Space Viking

  • Mining robots for use on the iron Moon of Tanith, and normal-space transports for the fifty thousand mile run between planet and satellite.

    Space Viking

  • The normal-space astrogator conferred with him; Alvyn Karffard, the executive officer, joined them.

    Space Viking

  • Beowulf had nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and contragravity and normal-space craft, they even had colonies a on a couple of other planets of their. system.

    Space Viking

  • No computation on earth or off it could trace their normal-space trajectory, let alone what happens in the second-order condition.

    Breaking Point

  • "There's one kind of transmitter we could make a generator for -- a plain normal-space transmitter, dot-dash, without a receiver."

    Space Prison

  • For nearly a billion miles the great ship was hurled through space at tremendous normal-space velocity.

    The Ultimate Weapon

  • You may have your own normal-space ships, but the Empire will control all hyperdrive craft, and all nuclear weapons.

    A Slave is a Slave


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