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  • Nevertheless, the emoluments will be a sufficient inducement to keep me here, though they are not above a quarter part what some people suppose them.

    The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Morris was not above such indelicacy himself, however.

    Robert Morris

  • I was as virtuously given as a gentleman need to be; virtuous enough; swore little; diced not above seven times a week; went to a bawdy-house once in a quarter -- of an hour; paid money that I borrowed, three of four times; lived well and in good compass: and now I live out of all order, out of all compass.

    The First Part of King Henry IV

  • More sober than Rainsong, he was still not above teasing Minn.

    Promise of the Wolves

  • She was not above the inconsistency of charging fate, rather than herself, with her own misfortunes; but she inveighed so acrimoniously against love-matches that Lily would have fancied her own marriage had been of that nature, had not Mrs. Bart frequently assured her that she had been “talked into it”—by whom, she never made clear.

    The House of Mirth

  • If these people paid court to her it proved that she was still conspicuous in the world to which they aspired; and she was not above a certain enjoyment in dazzling them by her fineness, in developing their puzzled perception of her superiorities.

    The House of Mirth

  • And hereby this river rising in the middle of the breadth of the county and running south, and the River Camel rising not far from it and running north, with a like large channel, the land from Bodmin to the western part of the county is almost made an island and in a manner cut off from the eastern part — the peninsula, or neck of land between, being not above twelve miles over.

    From London to Land's End

  • 'A fine beast, not above three years old, and mettlesome. '

    The Devil's Novice

  • There had been salvage captains, not above encouraging a wreck or two, fishermen, and rum-runners, and even a relative in the cigar-making industry when it was a flourishing concern in the islands.

    The Second Time

  • At length I found out an experiment for that also, which was this: I made some earthen-vessels very broad but not deep, that is to say, about two feet diameter, and not above nine inches deep.

    Robinson Crusoe


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