from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Printed matter, usually the name and address of the writer, at the head of a sheet of note-paper.
  • n. In musical notation, the square or oval part of a note by the position of which on a staff the pitch of the intended tone is indicated.


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  • The _dot after a note_ always appears on a space, whether the note-head is on a line or space.

    Music Notation and Terminology

  • The name on this note-head developed on the negative plate of my memory, the picture of two shock-headed, slender-legged schoolboys pacing solemnly, regularly, morning after morning, into the campus of the Seminary in Osage, Iowa.

    A Daughter of the Middle Border

  • You can feel the speed with which the 31-year-old is writing - in every scratch of his quill, in the flourish of every note-head, in the graceful swoop of his slurs and phrasemarks.

    The Guardian World News

  • _rules for turning stems_ apply: (1) If the note-head is _below_ the third line, the stem must turn up.

    Music Notation and Terminology


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