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  • n. nihility; nothingness

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Nihility; nothingness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Nothingness; nihility.


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nothing +‎ -ism


  • Know-nothingism is not dead in America, and now it has a megaphone and star power.

    Race and politics in the age of Obama

  • My guess is, the only way to confront this incipient, embarrassing know-nothingism is to do exactly what Cole has done here ... and to make the name as familiar, and unthreatening, to Americans as Michael Jordan's is.

    The Name Game - Swampland -

  • The narrator contrasts this hypocrisy unfavorably with the anti-philosophy of the donkey who carries the baggage of the troupe: riénisme ( "nothingism"), as he calls it, which consists of rejecting all systems of thought while satisfying one's appetite. [

    Finding a Lost Prince of Bohemia

  • Republicans have a romance with knowing nothing as long as one seriously believes in their know-nothingism.

    Think Progress » Sarah Palin calls global warming studies ‘snake oil science.’

  • Republican "do nothingism" would have taken the economy down such a deep hole that it wouldhave very likely destroyed civilization.

    Stimulus money needs to be spent faster, Dems say

  • The problem with both the news story and the parental reaction is that they represent the equivalent of medical no-nothingism and an unwillingness to understand as well as a failure to comprehend the magnitude of what vaccines have prevented over the years.

    October « 2009 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • This is the kind of know-nothingism that responsible conservatives -- or, for that matter, anyone who believes that the Internet should be a self-regulating forum in which bad ideas get weeded out -- should be denouncing.

    Obama's terrorist lawyer wants illegals to control Arizona?

  • Personally, I get no pleasure in imagining future Americans cursing their ancestors, not just for their do-nothingism, but their actual resistance to doing anything.

    Matthew Wills: Future Floodshock

  • And we need a media that again accepts the scientific method and its findings, and refuses to give air time or column inches or internet bandwidth to charlatans, and religious leaders, and the deliberate deceptions of the anti-science self-proclaimed mystics and healers, and the no-nothingism of those determined to let the corporations destroy the planet.

    David Horton: Blowing in the Wind

  • I've said before I wouldn't bother responding to your brand of leftwing know-nothingism, so I've already wasted more time dealing with you than you're worth.

    Petzal on Palin: Who Thought McCain was That Smart?


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