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  • The conflict plays out, among many other places, in the novel's structure, which alternates between two parallel stories that draw closer together as the book progresses.

    Rebel Ascendant

  • We read in the novel's final pages the narrator's bleak summation: Men can be more vicious than beasts of prey if they're put in the extreme situation of war.

    And Then Came Savagery

  • The novel's role is evident not only in such well-known books as Scott's "Ivanhoe" whose Jewish heroine far outshines her Christian rival and George Eliot's great exploration of Judaism, "Daniel Deronda."

    Oh, to Be In England

  • But it can also seem stubbornly vague, as many of the novel's most nagging questions are left unanswered.

    Rebel Ascendant

  • The defining difference between the two schools, writes the novel's narrator, is parents: At the good school, The parents were too American, too aware of the rights granted them by their Constitution to accept injustices meekly.

    The Latest Crime Wave: Sending Your Child to a Better School

  • That generation, in the novel's portrayal, asserted its independence from Japanese society by cleaving to Western pop: rock 'n' roll, jazz, the Beats.

    Rebel Ascendant

  • The scene in which Jess persuades the owner to part with the books is the novel's strongest: a swift, persuasive portrayal of how a smart, charming person can use a combination of intelligence and intuition to make someone do what she wants, regardless of whether it's in that person's best interests.

    The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman – review

  • "The American public had had a bellyful," recounts Gilbert "Gent" Gentilhomme, the novel's soldier-narrator.

    Futuristic Soldiers of Fortune

  • For among the novel's astute observations is the curious fact that, at least for the privileged, one perk of contemporary life is a certain fluidity about which century one can live in, from moment to moment.

    The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman – review

  • It well fits the misfits who occupy the novel's own cat's table—as far as possible from the captain's own.

    A Floating World


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