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  • n. Plural form of novelisation.


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  • As I have seen Peter David mention in writing online, the problem with doing novelisations is that if the source material is very stinky, then there isn't too much you can do about it.

    Superhero Prose Fiction: Spider-Man - Spider-Man 3 (novelisation)

  • Next for me, since I've already read the Dodo novelisations, is Doctor Who - The Smugglers.

    April Books 13-15) Three more First Doctor novelisations

  • The worst of the Batman movie novelisations from the 1990s, as they try to shoehorn even more into the screenplay.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Batman and Robin - M. J. Friedman

  • This is no doubt due to a combination of factors - the general phenomenon where the brainy companions seem to come across less well in novelisations than the screamy ones, the fact that we're now in the period when Terrance Dicks was churning the books out at a rate of one a month or so, and perhaps the very visual presence of Mary Tamm - it seems to me a bigger contrast between impact on screen and on paper than for any character since the First Doctor.

    Lisbon looking wobbly

  • As well as book club covers, Gary Viskupic provided cover illustrations for some of the US editions of the Doctor Who novelisations.

    Stainless Steel Art (14) « Official Harry Harrison News Blog

  • This was partly due to reading fewer Doctor Who novelisations (having read almost all of them last year) and also due to a deliberate choice of reading more classics of non-sf literature.

    2009 books poll

  • Both books feature Lyons 'characterisation of the jittery Second Doctor, thoroughly loyal to his companions but prone to wail in terror at odd moments; I'm coming to the end of my rewatch of the Second Doctor stories, and am impressed by how well Lyons has actually captured him, compared with most of the other books (including particularly the novelisations).

    May Books 3) Blood Upon The Rose: Easter 1916, by Gerry Hunt

  • Who fans who are interested in the Target novelisations might like to note that there is an excellent 20-minute documentary about Malcolm Hulke and his role in starting off the range, plus a look at each of his contributions to it, on the new DVD set of The War Games - if, that is, you need another reason to go and get it.

    Linkspam for 13-7-2009

  • A separate entry is deserved for this 1980 cover for the Japanese translation of the first and greatest of the Doctor Who novelisations, Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker.

    August Books 12) The Target Book: A History of the Target Doctor Who Books, by David J. Howe

  • It is a real shame that Barry Letts has written so few Who novels; his Doctor Who and the Dæmons is one of the best Third Doctor novelisations.

    February Books 20) Doctor Who: The Ghosts of N-Space, by Barry Letts


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